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Botswana is the only country in Africa where you can experience a luxury African safari on both land and water in luxury safari or tented camps. Here, an incredible 38% of the area is reserved for wildlife and nature conservation.

Don’t miss the sheer magic of the Kalahari, a semi-desert area covering some 350,000 square miles where you might spend a night under the stars beneath an ancient baobab. Or the Makgadikgadi Pans, one of the largest salt pans in the world and an important habitat for migrating wildebeest, Africa’s biggest zebra population, and greater flamingos.

Botswana enjoys good wildlife viewing throughout the year despite some changes in weather. Like most desert nations, during the dry season temperatures can be extreme in both directions—quite cold (40s F/ 10-12 C) in the mornings/evenings and very hot (high 90s F/ mid-30s C) during the daytime.

In the milder green season, temperatures in the mornings are warmer but it remains quite hot during the day.

May – October: This is the long dry season and best viewing conditions with short grass. Wildlife congregate around water sources. You may want a beanie, warm jacket, and gloves from June through August! Guests can expect cold mornings and cool evenings until September. In October, the heat can build in the wilderness areas. Depending on levels, floodwaters in the Delta can peak in July and begin retreating through February. This is peak travel season for visitors.

November-April: This is typically the rainy or ‘green’ season, when the heat breaks, the landscapes are lush with long grass and skies dramatic with billowing clouds. Wildlife is a bit more dispersed and some road conditions can be muddy. Expect showers in the morning with clearing in the afternoon before clouds roll in again for heavier rains in the evening. In the Delta, flood waters typically arrive beginning in May through July. This season is best for landscape photographers and bird watchers.

Walk with the Bushmen (or San) and learn some of their survival secrets

Admire the stellar displays of constellations from your “fossil bed” as you sleep under the stars

Experience the sights and sounds of nature as you glide through the Okavango in a mokoro

Mingle with meerkats, some of the most endearing creatures in the whole of Africa

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Flights into Maun or Kasane are typically routed through Johannesburg or Cape Town via European gateways like Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Zurich.

We advise spending at least four days if you are combining Botswana with another safari location in Southern Africa. You could easily spend up to two weeks exploring Botswana as your sole destination.

Botswana is a sure bet for any type of safari seeker. Safari rookies will be pros by the time they depart, and the pros will be impressed how Botswana stacks up against other experiences. Those celebrating a milestone or special occasion will find a multitude of places to book exclusively for their festivities.

Visas are not required for most visitors, but inoculations may be recommended. We suggest you see a travel medicine specialist for advice.

Distances between remote properties are best covered by an extensive charter flight network. Please note these are small planes with strict weight requirements, you should be aware of that and comfortable in small spaces.

Tswana is the official language of Botswana, but you will find English widely spoken throughout the country.

Guiding is of a very high standard in Botswana and walking guides require extra training.

Like everything else in Botswana, you will find excellent international cuisine from the chefs throughout your safari.



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