Our mission

We are part of a growing movement of travel companies that are demonstrating how sustainability and luxury can coexist. Our mission is to use luxury travel as a force for good by creating transformative experiences for our guests across Africa.

We know that sustainable travel and safeguarding our planet is essential for the destinations and experiences that we cherish and champion, to be enjoyed by generations to come.



What does sustainable travel mean to us?

At Olo Safaris, our bespoke life-changing experiences create a ripple effect across the three C’s: climate, community, and most importantly, conservation. These three C’s are the cornerstones of our approach to sustainable travel.

We create unique experiences that take you away from your day-to-day, with attention paid to every detail, from properties, to hosts, transportation and logistics. When done with care and consideration, we believe that this approach is entirely compatible with sustainable practices and our values.

“There is no greater reward than to know that one’s efforts have helped preserve the fragile balance of nature.” ― Dian Fossey

Our Goals

1. Connect our guests to positive stories of climate, community and conservation, creating a ripple effect beyond their safari. 

2. Boost local economies and facilitate environmental and biodiversity recovery.

3. Close the gender gap at Olo Safaris, in particular, the training of new female guides.

“What humans do over the next 50 years will determine the fate of all life on the planet.” David Attenborough

As part of our commitment to sustainable travel, we are working to reduce our emissions, across our operations and safaris. However, we do acknowledge that as a travel company, there will be certain unavoidable emissions.. To offset our impact we have chosen to partner with Wildlife Works, the world’s leading REDD+ management company. Their flagship project, the Kasigau Corridor in Tsavo, south-east Kenya, protects more than 500,000 acres of dryland forest as part of a crucial wildlife corridor. You can read more about Wildlife Works and the REDD+ approach here.





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Olo Safaris is a small, value-driven travel company with extensive insider knowledge of Africa.


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