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The ‘Rainbow Nation’ is all things to all people – and even that description doesn’t come close to the reality of what is one of the most captivating countries in Africa. Whether you’re a foodie, safari aficionado, wine buff, photographer, art ethusiest or history buff – you’ll find that South Africa offers all of these experiences and more. In the same trip, you can spend time with meerkats in the desert or go shark-cage diving. You can track the Big Five or relax with a superb glass of wine as the sun sets over the vineyards where it was made. There is no set itinerary for exploring South Africa – rather be guided by your interests. Your luxury South Africa safari starts here!

South Africa enjoys a high percentage of clear, sunny days. South Africa’s climate is generally mild throughout the entire year, though regionally this can differ depending on altitude and proximity to the ocean.

Summers in South Africa typically occur between October and April, and are green, dramatic, and lush.

Winter generally occurs between May through September and means drier conditions and cool temperatures. Cape Town and Johannesburg can get down to freezing during the winter months.

June – October: This is the long dry season and best viewing conditions with short grass. Wildlife congregate around water sources. Guests can expect cold mornings and cool evenings. This is peak travel season for visitors. You may want a beanie, warm jacket, and gloves from June through August! In Cape Town, it tends to be wet between June-September while the rest of the country is dry.

November: Springtime! This short season brings wildflower blooms and there is a chance of thunder showers heralding the green season.

December – March:  This is typically the rainy or ‘green’ season, when landscapes are lush with long grass and skies dramatic with billowing clouds. Wildlife is a bit more dispersed but still plentiful. Expect showers in the morning with clearing in the afternoon before clouds roll in again for heavier rains in the evening. Road conditions in the bush can be muddy. In Cape Town, weather is drier than the rest of the country.

April – May: This is the autumn and warm, pleasant temperatures prevail. Occasional showers can still happen.

Relax with a superb glass of wine as the sun sets over the vineyards where it was made

Stroll along the cobbled streets of Bo-Kaap and learn about the colorful nature and architecture of the locals

Join a professional guide to track black rhinos on foot at Phinda Reserve

From June to November, spot southern right whales, which come to the Cape to mate and calve

Meet the world’s most northly penguins on Boulder Beach

Scenic Helicopter Flights

Penguin Paddle

Architecture & Private Home Tours

Gallery Visits

Personal Shopping Experiences

Cycling Excursions

Cooking Classes

Botanical Gardens

Community Visits & Township

Private tours of Robben Island

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Wine Tasting

Anti-Poaching Canine Unit

Big 5 Game Viewing

Flights are easily arranged into Johannesburg directly from New York and Atlanta and many airlines connect through European gateways like Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Zurich.

Flights via Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha or Addis Ababa are also quite popular. Limited service is offered directly into Cape Town via gateway cities…most flights are routed via Johannesburg.

We recommend 10-14 days in South Africa because there is more than enough going on to keep you occupied on its own! It is also easily combined with other countries in East or Southern Africa.

South Africa works for any type of traveler! First-time safari goers and safari veterans alike will marvel at the wildlife diversity and choice of activities. Couples can find romance at many magnificent lodges around the country and some of the malaria-free zones will attract families.

Visas are not required for most visitors, but inoculations may be recommended. We suggest you see a travel medicine specialist for advice.

A mixture of private charters, shared charters, commercial flights and excellent road infrastructure make flying or overland safaris attractive. We prefer the flights!

Even with 11 official languages, English is widely spoken throughout the country.

South Africa boasts excellent guides who are required to complete extensive qualification programs.

South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, is a foodie paradise—with unbelievable culinary experiences throughout the nation.



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