A Gastronomic Adventure On Safari

The cuisine on a once-in-a lifetime safari in Africa is as rich in variety as the diverse landscapes on this vast continent. Fresh quality ingredients are at the heart of a safari food experience. Many lodges put sustainable practices at the core of their menus, sourcing locally and being mindful of their impact on the surrounding environment. The setting in which you eat is almost as important as the flavour. You might find yourself feasting on nourishing and colourful platters next to basking hippos, tasting traditional homemade snacks under the canopy of an acacia tree or fine dining on multi-course dinners under the starlight.

You’re probably wondering what kind of cuisine you’ll enjoy on your trip to Africa. Perhaps you’d like to know how it’s made and where the ingredients come from. At Olo Safaris, responsible travel is at the core of everything we do, including food! We work with lodges and hotels which prioritisie sustainable food practices.

What to expect from food on a safari

At each place you stay, you’ll be offered a spread made from quality ingredients that’s been sourced locally from nearby communities or especially transported in by trusted suppliers. Set menus are the most common way to enjoy dining on safari rather than a la carte, allowing businesses to invest in high-quality products and avoiding waste. It also allows lodges to tailor what’s on each menu to the seasons, and to focus on our guests’ unique preferences and requirements. 

The food will vary from place to place, with some lodges serving up traditional favourites and others opting for more contemporary experimental recipes. You might feast on Moroccan tagine, prime cuts of grass-fed beef and venison or fresh seafood and vibrant vegetables prepared on the grill. There’s also a focus on sharing platters filled with nourishing food, encouraging a sociable meal amongst the group.

Different regions around Africa inspire the dishes you’ll enjoy throughout your trip. You might be served South African malva pudding, a sweet dessert made with apricot jam, usually served warm with cream drizzled over the top, or Tanzanian Futari, a fragrant dish made with Tanzanian squash, pumpkin or sweet potato cooked in coconut milk and cinnamon.

Of course, Africa’s diverse landscapes and climate provide the perfect conditions for growing tropical fruits like mangoes, oranges, bananas, passion fruit, papaya and more, so you can expect plenty of freshly-picked juicy fruits throughout your safari. 

Many of your meals on a safari will be enjoyed in the great outdoors, giving you maximum time to relish the stunning African wilderness around you. Bush breakfasts and dinners are a popular way to enjoy a tasty meal while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. They’re served open air in a picturesque location, whether that’s next to a watering hole where elephants come to frolic or overlooking the vast Savannah plains.  

With Olo Safaris, you can stay in accommodation where the towering Mount Kenya will be your backdrop, like at Borona Lodge. Nestled in the heart of Borana Conservancy, one of Kenya’s most successful rhino sanctuaries, this family-run lodge uses organic produce from Waitabit Farm, Kenya’s largest permaculture project. The project has been successful in educating local farmers about how to practise regenerative agriculture.

Singita - an award-winning collection of properties that we work closely with - offers world class culinary delights for guests staying at their lodges. Singita Volcanoes National Park’s farm-to-table dining experience is exquisite, with each plate an expression of the company’s creativity and commitment to environmental sustainability and community practices. The menu features regional recipes handed down through generations, using fresh ingredients from their on-site vegetable and herb gardens.

As an associate of The Original Ker & Downey, we supply luxury mobile camps allowing you to experience Kenya's breathtaking beauty in the most authentic way possible. Dining at our luxury mobile camps is an integral part of the experience: meals are freshly prepared on-site by a resident chef using consciously-sourced meat and seafood. Expect freshly-baked focaccia, flaky cinnamon rolls, and plenty of delicious dishes.

Africa's culinary scene is a must-visit for any foodie looking to expand their palate and explore new flavours and cultures. An Olo safaris is an excellent way to experience the best of this continent's cuisine while enjoying some of the most stunning landscapes and wildlife on the planet!

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